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Arena Ticket Feature (New) Empty Arena Ticket Feature (New)

7/14/2021, 8:54 am
We have been worked for a few to improve the Arena Entry System and we found a mid term solution for that.

From now on you will apply to Arena and when the entry window pop for you to enter or pass, the Arena Ticket will be consumed. (not after you enter anymore)

This system is valid to Arena of Discipline, Arena of Harmony, Arena of Chaos and Arena of Glory.

When this window pop the ticket will be consumed

Arena Ticket Feature (New) Unknown

No tickets will be refunded in case you lose the ticket. Apply, wait for the pop and enter or pass. If for some reason you apply and leave the computer, miss the pop and lose the ticket, the lost ticket won't be refunded.

The system was created to avoid people feeding in Arenas and passing.
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