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New Feature: Wardrobe Empty New Feature: Wardrobe

9/1/2023, 8:55 pm
New Feature: Wardrobe Refreshing-ice-cream-newsheader

Introducing Our Latest Addition: The Wardrobe!

Simply put, the Wardrobe serves as a specialized webshop feature where you can store purchased skins from the following categories:

- Weapon Skins
- Armor Skins
- Shield Skins
- Wing Skins

Upon purchasing a skin from these categories, not only will it be delivered to your in-game character as usual, but it will also be added to your Wardrobe in the webshop.

If you wish to acquire the same skin again for any character on your account, you can do so from your Wardrobe for just 200 credits!

For instance, if you purchase the Thunder Dragon King's Sword Skins for 1300 credits, it will be stored in your Wardrobe. You can then send that skin to any character on your account again for 200 credits.

New Feature: Wardrobe Image

When it comes to gifting, the process remains largely the same. If you gift another player a skin from the categories mentioned, that skin will be stored in the recipient's Wardrobe. This allows them to transfer it to any of their characters, thus enhancing the overall value of skins!

With this feature added all the items from Weapon Skins, Armor Skins, Shield Skins, Wing Skins are untradeable in any way and can't be stored in legion warehouse.
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