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Violet Revolution Event Empty Violet Revolution Event

11/22/2023, 9:16 am
Violet Revolution Event Slider_violet_revolution

Event Summary

1. Collect Violet Flags and exchange them for rewards
2. Run instances for compensation bundles
3. NPCs will be spawned in Sanctum and Pandaemonium to teleport you directly to the instances below:

Draupnir Cave
Dark Poeta
Beshmundir Temple
Tiamat Stronghold
Illuminary Obelisk
Sauro Supply Base

Also there will be a NPC giving weekly PvP quests with great rewards!

- How to Participate

Throughout the event players can collect Violet Banner from various instance bosses (Every party member receives one if it drops).
Violet Flags can be exchanged at a special NPC for 3 types of Revolution boxes.
Exchange NPC is located next to the Mailbox in Sanctum/Pandaemonium.
Each box contains various luxurious items.

Rewards from every box:

Violet Revolution Event Unknown

Here is the Instance/Boss list that drop the event items:

Rentus Base (Brigade General Vasharti)
Raksang(Raksha, Raksha Boilheart)
Tiamat Stronghold (Tahabata's Treasure Chest)
Ophidan Bridge (Artillery)
Steel Rose Cargo (group) (Maintenance Officer Notakiki)
Steel Rose Quarters (group) (Kanerunerk the Accountant)
Steel Rose Deck (group) (Captain Rumakiki)
Danuar Reliquary (Furious Grendal the Witch)
Sauro Supply Base (All bosses)
Danuar Sanctuary (Staff Officer Syaroka, Supreme Healer Tagnu)
Infinity Shard (Hyperion)
Abyssal Splinter (Abyssal Treasure Box, Shining Treasure Chest of the Abyss)
Satra Treasure Hoard (Muzzled Punisher, Punisher Unleashed)
Dragon Lord's Refugee (Calindi Flamelord, Large Tiamat Treasure Chest)
Illuminary Obelisk (Dynatum Prototype)

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