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Aion America Anniversary Cake Event Empty Aion America Anniversary Cake Event

9/9/2023, 7:15 am
Aion America Anniversary Cake Event 221212-an-news-header-daeva-pass-s3

Hello, Daevas!

A congratulatory delegation arrived in Atreia to celebrate Daeva day with its heroes.

The guests have brought a large birthday cake with three candles, but the magic flame is going out... what shall we do?
There is a way out!

Collect Aether Flame and bring it to Hapolia or Berdinea in the capital city of your faction.

If you are late, the flame will be scattered in the wind and in 2 hours it will be gone!

In exchange for the flames, you will get Brilliant, Mysterious and Calming Truly Free Candle.

This candle should be brought to the birthday cake as soon as possible – and Hooray! You and all the other characters within 200 meters from the candle will receive candle blessing. Teaming up in this good deed, Daevas will get a lot of useful buffs. High-level players will be able to help their "younger" comrades in gaining experience, looting items, and improving their characteristics..

It can be obtained from the monsters in the whole Atreia! (World Drop)

Getting the flames is only possible from the monsters of equal level or from the ones 8 levels higher/lower than the character's level.


Aether flames can be stored in the inventory for only 2 hours.
You can only keep one flame at once!

After receiving a candle, go to the cake and use the candle to light it.


The candle can only be stored in your inventory for 30 minutes!
All Daevas within 200 m from the cake will receive a blessing, depending on the type of the candle.
It is possible to get all three blessings at the same time.
When you leave the game, the blessing timing stops.
The blessing (buff) lasts for 4 hours.

Each player can only purchase 4 candles per day!

Event ends on September 11, 2023
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