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6/1/2022, 9:05 pm

In this topic we will introduce our Prestige Pack and benefits of having it.

You will receive a buff that will give 30% of Drop Boost Rate while you have the Prestige Badge, it will be shown as a Crown icon in your buff bar and on your name. You will also get 6 Prestige Crystals every day that will fall in your inventory. They can be spent in game stores with Shugos that are located in the main cities like Sanctum and Pandaemonium.

Also by having the Prestige Pack you will receive a 30 Days Prestige Case that you can open daily to receive 1 of the following items:

PRESTIGE PACK Unknown Ancient Crown Case
PRESTIGE PACK Unknown Mithril Medal Case
PRESTIGE PACK Unknown Ceramium Medal Case
PRESTIGE PACK Unknown Ceramium Coin Pouch
PRESTIGE PACK Unknown Blood Mark Box
PRESTIGE PACK Unknown [Event] Scroll Bundle
PRESTIGE PACK Unknown [Event] Saam King's Herbs Bundle
PRESTIGE PACK Unknown Greater Divine Remedy Bundle
PRESTIGE PACK Unknown Big Boy Shugo Egg (3 Days)
PRESTIGE PACK Unknown Prestige Crystal

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