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4/20/2021, 5:40 pm

What streamers earn by streaming our server?

You will earn America Credits directly to your account according with your viewers numbers and the Internet Celebrity Title (7 Days)

Requirements to qualify:
  • Minimum 300 live views per week;
  • You must be active on your stream, can't just be afk;

  • Must have the streams saved in your channel;
  • Public interaction: have comments in your stream and interaction with possible new players that might join us;
  • Make sure your stream is on Aion category;
  • Send us the information about your stream on weekly basis;
  • The videos must be saved in the channel.


How many America Credits you can get?

The number of credits will be individual for every streamer depending on the livestream. (Max earnings per week is 2k credits)

How to send your analytics?

On Monday of each week, streamers who meet the above requirements should send an email to streamers@americaprivateserver.com containing the following information:

  • Link to your twitch channel;
  • Your account login username AND your main character name that will receive the title;
  • A video that can be uploaded in a google drive or youtube, showing your statistics from the last 7 days and showing your Twitch username on it. (we won't in any way accept pictures) (if you send us through google drive, please make sure it's public so we can have access to the video.)

    The video must include:

    Average viewers
    Maximum viewers
    Time streamed
    Live views

Some of you might feel the revised system is not as convenient, but it's the only measure we have to stop certain streamers from unfairly accumulating credits. In case you don't meet the requirements, you will not get the reward. For the attempts of deceit and for providing misleading and false information, the player's game accounts will be blocked.

What you should NOT do:

  • Send information if your channel does not meet the requirements;
  • Send information on any day other than Monday;
  • Send information wherever possible (mail, forum, discord) or several messages to the email;
  • Send repeated messages before Wednesday if case if you haven't received a response. Sometimes, due to the huge number of messages, we can't process them in one day.

All of the above restrictions and inconveniences are created for one purpose - to give out America Credits to each of you as quickly as possible. If we follow these simple rules, everything will be easy and fast.

Streamers that use bot view to get credits will be reported to twitch and will be removed from our discord. If ever receive credits by using bot view also the game account will be permanently blocked.

The administration reserves the right to discontinue or decline collaboration with any streamer without further notice.

Please note that only very recently, certain players streaming other private Aion servers have reported receiving warnings and/or sanctions (bans) from streaming platforms for alleged copyright infringement.

Therefore, streamers should consider their streams to be made at their own risk. Neither Aion America nor its staff are responsible for any potential consequences resulting from streaming.
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