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[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple Empty [Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple

6/24/2021, 11:40 pm
Lower Udas Temple is a group instance for players of level 51 and above. It is the lower level of the Udas Temple, from which the Dragonbound have been digging a passage to reach a nearby Jotun studio and retrieve its secrets. It can be accessed from Undirborg (Inggison) and Subterreana (Gelkmaros).


''The Jotun are an ancient race created by Aion itself. Their technology exceeds even the most cunning Shugo invention, yet they are also incredibly powerful and resilient beings, absolutely devout in their worship of Aion. Under Aion ’s command, the Jotun created the Petraliths, great stone giants intended as weapons against the Balaur, and were charged with maintaining and protecting these giant machines. However, they were defeated by the Balaur in a ferocious battle, and soon disappeared from sight. Now they have been rediscovered, waiting patiently deep under the crumbling walls of the Udas Temple. The Jotun Studio is located in the Lower Udas Temple, an area crawling with Balaur warriors. It is time for the Daevas to rise up and safeguard the machinations behind the Petraliths''.


[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple Latest?cb=20180701223223

Like its predecessor, Lower Udas Temple is a level 51 instance with a 6 hour lockout.  You will need to pick up the Balic Key of Nexus’ corpse during the “Secret of the Udas Temple” and “Lair of the Dragonbound” quests as an entry prerequisite.

With its low re-entry time and the number of quests associated with it, Lower Udas Temple is a great instance for leveling up.  There is a good opportunity to gear up as well!  Superior, Heroic, and Fabled weapons and armor can drop from the 5 boss monsters here, and some even have a chance to drop Eternal accessories!

You will face similar enemies in the beginning part of Lower Udas Temple as you did during your run in the previous Udas Temple instance, though as you progress you will be challenged by many different types of enemies including Hero grade Jotun.

Lower Udas Temple has 5 main areas of importance.  Not all of these areas are required to finish the instance, but many contain at least one boss with the chance to drop great items.  The first area you will come across is the Udas Vault.  Proceed through until you reach the Malika Barracks.

If your group will be fighting through the entire instance, proceed to the Route 1 section of this guide.

If your group will be using the Teleportation Device, read on for information on using the device.

In the 2.1 client update, a teleportation device was added to the Lower Udas Temple instance.  By using a Surkana Crystal purchased from Ordnance vendors, you can essentially skip the first half of the instance.  Many groups choose to take this route due to all of the loot-dropping bosses being in the second half of the temple.  Players looking for XP may still choose to run the full instance.
Immideately upon entering the temple, you will see the teleportation device in the distance.  There is one patrol guarding the device who should be easily dispatched by your group.

Each member of the group who wishes to use the device must approach and activate it.  A Surkana Crystal is required to use this device and each member of the group must have one.

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Surkana Crystal

Surkana Crystals are the key to using the Teleportation Device.  Each time you use the device, one Surkana Crystal will be removed from your inventory.  You may always purchase more crystals by visiting the ordnance vendor in your race’s main city in Balaurea.  The cost for each crystal is roughly 30,000 kinah.

Once used, the Teleportation Device will transport you from your current location to a designated spot within the Toxic Caverns.  Please note that this is a one way trip and you will not be able to get back to the entrance unless you fight your way back or leave and re-enter.

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple 475e8fee96e62c3472880e16

If you have used the device, proceed to the Route 2a section of this guide.

Route 1: Malika Barracks

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple 33faa08261e252468e67e7a8

The main objective within the Malika Barracks is to obtain the Shadowy Prison Key from Garha the Punisher.  Garha can spawn in either of the two main rooms in the Malika Barracks, and is visible from the main pathway, so your group shouldn’t have to venture into a room for nothing.

Defeat Garha and proceed down the hallway towards the Shadowy Prison.  You will notice a stone door right at the beginning of the prison.  Use the key you obtained from Garha to open it.  This is a requirement to progress farther into Lower Udas Temple. Tulia Surestep patrols the hallway in the Shadowy Prison.  To the Elyos, she is just another monster within the instance, but the Asmodians will need to defeat her for the “[Group] Revenge's Last Link” quest.

The Dragonbound have demolished a section of the wall in the back of the Shadowy Prison and have started digging a breeching tunnel.  Where could it lead?

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple A7a0e1ad416a380b179d100d

Enter the Shadowy Prison to reach the depths of the Lower Udas Temple!

Route 2a: Breeching Tunnels

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple 300f952bf1ef0e17a594e36e

There are two pathways within the Toxic Caverns.  The Southern pathway leads towards Kingspin’s Nest while the Eastern exit leads further into the Toxic Caverns and finally to the Jotun Studio.

Chura Twinblade:
On your way, you will encounter a second Breeching Tunnel.  Here you will find the overseer of the dig, Chura Twinblade.  Before you engage Chura, it is extremely important that you defeat the groups of enemies around her.  When the battle with her begins, all enemies in her immediate area will rush to assist.   Once you have Chura alone, the fight will be fairly straightforward.  A high accuracy (or accuracy enhancing skills or food) is recommended for this fight due to Chura’s high evasion.  She will also use evasion enhancing abilities and blinding abilities, so be sure to watch for these when executing your high damage skill chains.  Watch for the Stigma Burst ability she begins to use at about 33% health- it is a very powerful area attack!

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple 23bf3da24771c58217a4a1d0

Chura will call all nearby allies to her aid when you begin the fight.  Defeat them before engaging her!

Continue along the second Breeching Tunnel until you reach the Jotun Studio.

Route 2b: Kingspin’s Nest

Following the Southern route instead will bring you to the den of the vile arachnid Kingspin.

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple 083a3636adba72caa89e0b5b

Along the way, you will encounter groups of critters brunched together.  Have your area attacks ready to take out the small ones first before you group concentrates on the larger elites.

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple D63fc399640de6a24871a747

You’ll need more than a bug bomb to take down Kingspin.  He is one of the most difficult boss fights in the instance!


Kingspin is a giant spider that inhabits the deepest tunnel of the Toxic Caverns.  While not very damaging, his Binding Web can stun and immobilize all players near him.  He also will occasionally strike with his Powerful Brandish skill, which will cause high damage to all players in front of him.  Have your tank turn him away from the rest of the party to avoid multiple allies taking this hit.  Once Kingspin reaches 50% he will begin to frequently use his Exsanguinate skill, which not only deals a large amount of damage to one target, but will also heal Kingspin for roughly 12,000-15,000 HP.  Festering Wound or Fleshcutter Arrow can both come in handy by reducing the amount that Kingspin recovers from this skill.

Route 3: Jotun Studio

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple B2ef52cc62d4426fdcfdc141

So this is what the Dragonbound were searching for… but what secrets does this ancient studio hold?

The Dragonbound have only infiltrated a short way into the Jotun Studio but there are far more dangerous threats beyond here.  The Jotun and their creations relentlessly guard their workshop.  Make your way up the ramp but be careful of the Hero class Jotun that inhabit the instance from here on. Each of the Jotun have a chance to drop the Jotun Vault Key which can be used to unlock the Jotun Vault at the end of the instance. If your group is not in too big of a rush, taking down these big enemies can be very rewarding.  The first boss you will face in the Jotun Studio is Bergrisar.

Bergrisar can be a relatively difficult battle if your group isn’t aware of their surroundings.  He uses two powerful area attacks during the battle.  Blade Storm will cause area damage as well as cast a reflect spell on Bergrisar, so be sure to watch your attacks after this buff is applied.  The second area attack is called Hurl Wedge which is a high damage attack that targets multiple players.  In addition to the area attacks, he will cast a spell called Thorn Carpet throughout the battle which summons creatures called Punishment Chakras. Punishment Chakras cannot be attacked, so your group must do their best to avoid these pesky and dangerous constructs.

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple 43421bf17131f7f1a3846881

Continue through the Jotun Studio until you reach a fork in the road.  If you take the left pathway, you will run into Anvilface, an optional Jotun boss.

Anvilface awaits you in the optional area of the Jotun Studio.  When the fight begins and throughout, he will apply a buff to himself that increases his physical defense, but makes magical attacks more effective, so watch for this ability and time your high damaging spells accordingly!

The most devastating ability he will use during the battle is his Iron Maiden ability. This attack will damage all players in front of him, so have your tank face him away from the rest of the group to prevent multiple allies from taking this huge hit.  At roughly 50% and 25%, he will summon an elite named Shatter.  Shatter will stay in the fight until he is defeated or until Anvilface himself falls, so if he is causing too much trouble for your party, focus on taking him down.

Once Anvilface reaches 50%, he will begin using an area attack called Forgestrike.  Forgestrike deals a large amount of damage to all surrounding players, so make sure be out of its range.

Route 4: Debilkarim’s Forge

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple 1b32f250c73741e7143f2f40

If you take the right pathway at the fork, you will find yourself standing before Debilkarim the Maker.  The room also contains many other enemies that should be defeated before facing Debilkarim, as he will use an area of effect fear that could send party members running into unwanted company.

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple 3798b4fb0f081d7d636319ce

There are two notable doors in this room.  To the left is the door that leads to the Jotun Treasure Room.  Here, one or two treasure chests will spawn that have a chance to drop hats and belts.  In order to open the door to this room, you will need a Jotun Vault Key, which has a chance to drop off of any Jotun in the instance.  This unfortunately means you may not get a key each run.  The door on the right leads to the Blocked Passage.

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple 9ed2ebfd8e2c2fc7e2f3a8c8

Blocked Passage:

The door on the right will open once Debilkarim is defeated.  Within this room you will find a quest boss named Gradarim the Collector as well as more Jotun who may carry a vault key if your group has not acquired one yet.  The Petralith Energy Source is also in this room, so before you leave the instance, make sure you know if anyone from your group needs to enter here.

Debilkarim the Maker

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple 78f2a814a4342a1e326d5cca

Debilkarim is the main boss of the Lower Udas Temple.  He will spend the first part of the battle using a high-damage petrify skill on a random member of the group.  He will continue this until he is at roughly 75%.  The petrify lasts 15 seconds and he will immediately cast it again once the timer is up; be aware of which member of your group he uses this on and react accordingly!

At 75%, Debilkarim will use his Rockfall and Wave of Fear area attacks.  Rockfall will do a high amount of damage to all nearby players and Wave of Fear will cause the entire party to flee from him.  Wave of Fear can easily wipe a party by sending players running into enemies that weren’t dealt with before the battle, so make sure you establish plenty of room to battle Debilkarim!

The next big change in the battle happens when Debilkarim is at roughly 50%.  He will do his Rockfall/Wave of Fear combo once again and immediately follow up with a skill called Invoke Energy, which is a massive heal over time, replenishing almost 25% of his health.  If this skill brings him back to above 75%, he will begin his petrify phase once again until he us below the 75% mark.

[Instance] lvl 51 - Lower Udas Temple B3f6ef54dcaf610d83957c06

As Debilkarim reaches 25%, he will once again use his Rockfall/Wave of Fear combo.  In addition, he will begin to use his Infernal Rift ability which will instantly teleport a member of your group into his forge and lower their movement speed.  The forge contains 5 Pyre Souls that will instantly attack anyone who appears near them, so escape as fast as you can! Greater Healing Potions, Anti-shock scrolls and Run Speed scrolls can come in very handy if you are the one banished to the flames.  Use any skills you need to in order to survive and exit the forge as quickly as possible.  It is also a good idea to keep Debilkarim fairly close to his forge so that group members sent there can rejoin the battle quickly.

When nearing death, Debilkarim decides to bring the Pyre Spirits to you instead of sending one member to them!  He will spawn roughly 6 of them at his feet in a last ditch effort to eradicate his enemies.

Dungeon Rewards


Chura Twinblade



Debilkarim The Maker

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