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Shugo Emperor's Vault Empty Shugo Emperor's Vault

10/4/2023, 9:22 am
Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

The treasures from the Shugo Emperor's Vault were successfully protected. But Indinerk Jonakak wasn’t able to find peace and he is looking again for brave Daevas. The hidden underground imperial Shugo Grave was discovered by greedy Shulacks and Balaur. They wanted to steal the treasures and they have teamed up to build a tunnel.

Indinerk Jonakak will need the help from you and other Daevas. Kill the new enemies and protect the treasures.

When you have entered the instance you can choose between 3 different Shugo warrior souls with special skills. Fight against the different enemy waves during the time limit.

Basic information

Instance Reset:
Daily at 9:00 am
Group: 3 players
Level: 40+

Quests (Level 40+)

[Event] Secret of the Vault
[Event/Daily] Kill Kinah Grabbers
[Event] Recapturing the Vault
[Event] Mirez, the Mired
[Event] Zodica, the Crazed
[Event] Budyn, the Bloodied
[Event] Rupasha, the Rapacious
[Event] Gradi, the Gruesome

Shugo Emperor's Vault UnknownShugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

The instance

Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

Shugo Emperor's Vault is a two level instance. Upon entering the instance, you will be transformed into a Shugo warrior when you have talked with one of the three Shugo warrior souls. Your personal stats and skills will not be used in this instance as you receive a new skill bar as soon as you have been transformed. The damage has a fix setting and the damage is the same for everyone.

You will get a scroll to transform again if you sendlog, reminder that the scroll can only be used at the starting area!

Shugo Emperor's Vault UnknownShugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

The goal of the instance is to fight against different monster waves and to defeat as many monsters as possible to get a high rank and a bigger reward. You must defeat the big boss in level 1 but be careful a lot of monster waves will spawn and protect their boss.
It’s very important that your group is talking with each other. You must coordinate your skills (Hostage Abduction, Restraint and Flame Spurt). Don’t kite the mobs around they can deal a lot of damage. Kill them fast to have a chance to reach a high rank. Please note, that boss monsters will reset if you pull them too far away from their spawn place. Plan your fighting tactics accordingly!
In Level 2 defeat the monsters in the room before the time is over.

You will be able to visit the gold vault, when you have defeated all Shulacks and Balaur. There you can use the treasures keys which you get from the quests or from the rank reward during the instance. Please keep in mind, the keys will disappear when you left the instance.

You will need 1 key for the Small boxes
You will need 3 key for the Big boxes
You will need 7 key for the Premium box

With luck a gold porgus will spawn. Kill the porgus and a golden treasures box appears!

Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

Instance skills

Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

Brave Templarekr's Soul

Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

Shredding Blow
Deals 600 Damage Points to 8 nearby opponents.

Audacious Taunt
Deals 3.000 Damage Points to 8 nearby opponents and provokes them.

Sweeping Hook
Pulls in 8 enemy targets.

Defiant Barrier
Restores one group member's HP by 75.000 and generates a Protective Shield for 20 seconds..

Challenging Blast
Inflicts 16,000 damage on 8 enemies around you, provoking them strongly.

Furious Gladiatorerk's Soul

Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

Steady Sweep
Deals 1.200 Damage Points to 8 nearby opponents.

Lethal Thrust
Attacks a single target powerfully, inflicting 18,000 damage.

Whirling Steel
Deals 12.000 Damage Points to 8 nearby opponents.

Tethering Strike
Deals 5.000 Damage Points to 8 nearby opponents and keeps them in the air.

Staggering Smash
Deals 20.000 Damage Points to 8 enemies around you and knocks them down.

Rolling Sorcererk's Soul

Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown

Force Blast
Deals 900 Damage Points to 8 nearby opponents.

Falling Thunderbolt
A flash of lightning deals 6.000 Damage Points to 8 opponents surrounding the target.

Searing Blaze
Deals 4.000 Damage Points to enemies who are floating in the air. Can be used multiple times.

Deals 2.000 Damage Points to 8 opponents and freezes them solid.

Roiling Pitchfire
A flame deals 20.000 Damage Points to 8 opponents surrounding the target.

Reward List

The list of items included to all the chests with different chances (depends on the type of the chest):
All the chests have Abyss Points relics as a drop.

Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown Greater Divine Remedy Bundle
Shugo Emperor's Vault UnknownShugo Gyrocopter
Shugo Emperor's Vault Icon_cash_item_petadoption_01_u Tahabata Egg (15 days)
Shugo Emperor's Vault Icon_cash_item_buckler_01a Mini Crystal Lucid Shield
Shugo Emperor's Vault Icon_item_sack04 [Event] Beritra Idian Pouch
Shugo Emperor's Vault Icon_item_sack07 Noble Composite Manastone Bundle
Shugo Emperor's Vault Icon_item_specialbox02 [Event] Ancient Coin Chest
Shugo Emperor's Vault Icon_item_box07 [Event] Kahrun's Box
Shugo Emperor's Vault Icon_item_badge09 Ceramium Medal
Shugo Emperor's Vault Icon_item_box06[Event] Sauro Commander's Accessory Box
Shugo Emperor's Vault Icon_item_sack07 [Event] Ailu Candy Bundle
Shugo Emperor's Vault Unknown Tempering Solution
Shugo Emperor's Vault Icon_event_ms_torso_blacktiger_01 [Event] Fierce Midnight Tiger's Costume

BONUS DROP: Any box will POSSIBLY give 1 "Green" Manastone Bundle, 1 Enchantment Bundle OR Defense Manastone Bundle, Magic Manastone Bundle or Melee Manastone Bundle

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