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Boiling Point Empty Boiling Point

9/20/2023, 9:09 am
Boiling Point Unknown

Starting today, Daevas can join a new event titled “Boiling Point”, where you can fulfill a small request from Shugo Mendrunerk - Helping to prepare Mystic Chowders. To make this chowder, he requires a couple of ingredients. Bring the ingredients Mendrunerk needs, and he will present you a potent chowder to raise your spirits and grant you a delicious wish!

Mendrunerk is waiting for you in the main cities Pandaemonium and Sanctum!

Boiling Point Aion0002

Mendrunerk will give you 3 repeatable quests, 2 quests will give you potions and the main quest will reward you with [Event] Golden Rice Cake Soup

The quest objective consists of killing bosses inside instances and gathering both quest items required, Rice Cake and Beef Bone Broth and taking them to Mendrunerk.

Here is the Instance/Boss list that drop the quest items:

Rentus Base (Brigade General Vasharti)
Raksang(Raksha, Raksha Boilheart)
Tiamat Stronghold (Tahabata's Treasure Chest)
Ophidan Bridge (Artillery)
Steel Rose Cargo (group) (Maintenance Officer Notakiki)
Steel Rose Quarters (group) (Kanerunerk the Accountant)
Steel Rose Deck (group) (Captain Rumakiki)
Danuar Reliquary (Furious Grendal the Witch)
Sauro Supply Base Bosses
Danuar Sanctuary (Staff Officer Syaroka, Supreme Healer Tagnu)
Infinity Shard (Hyperion)
Abyssal Splinter (Abyssal Treasure Box, Shining Treasure Chest of the Abyss)
Satra Treasure Hoard (Muzzled Punisher, Punisher Unleashed)
Tiamat's Shelter (Calindi Flamelord, Large Tiamat Treasure Chest)
Illuminary Obelisk (Dynatum Prototype)

(Quest items are group drop)

Here is the reward list that you can receive from the [Event] Golden Rice Cake Soup

Boiling Point Icon_item_box06 [Event] Ancient Spirit's Eternal Armor Chest
Boiling Point Icon_item_sack06 [Event] Superior Manastone Bundle
Boiling Point Icon_item_sack06 [Event] Heroic Godstone Bundle
Boiling Point Icon_item_box04 [Event] Victory Banquet Food Box
Boiling Point Icon_item_box06 [Event] Sauro Commander's Accessory Box
Boiling Point Icon_item_box02 [Event] Lustrous Skymane (1 day)
Boiling Point Icon_item_box06 [Event] Dragon Lord's Mythic Weapon Chest
Boiling Point Icon_cash_item_ranger_body_01 Shugo Ranger Outfit
Boiling Point Icon_item_sack05 [Event] Fabled Godstone Bundle
Boiling Point Icon_item_sack07 [Event] Greater Composite Manastone Bundle
Boiling Point Icon_item_sack07 [Event] Lesser Composite Manastone Bundle
Boiling Point Icon_item_box06 [Event] Stormwing's Eternal Armor Chest
Boiling Point Icon_item_sack06 Noble Ancient Manastone Bundle
Boiling Point Icon_item_2stenchant_water_m01 Tempering Solution
Boiling Point Icon_item_scroll18b Enduring Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll
Boiling Point Icon_cash_item_petadoption_01_u Shugo Lad Egg
Boiling Point Icon_item_synthesis02 Vindachinerk's Fine Combination Tool

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