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6/8/2021, 6:30 pm
In Aion America we have the Battleground Top Ranking Players and this page can be found in our website Battlegrounds Ranking

At the end of every Season the first Top 3 players of EACH category in this rank will receive a box with rewards and the rank will be reseted after the rewards delivery and a new Season will begin.

The Season will have a month duration, when it ends the prizes will be delivered and a new season will begin

The rewards will be delivered through mail, the top players don't need to request for them to receive.

The reward is:

Battleground King Rewards Bundle:

Value Boost Pack 30-Days
Administrator's Boon 30-Days
1x Tempering Solution
[Title Card] Battleground King 30-Days

Title Status:

BATTLEGROUNDS TOP SEASON REWARDS 718c806fcec80443f5944a25a56d7ddc

We will post the winners in our discord at the end of every season.

Below is the instance list for the Battlegrounds Top Ranking Players:

Terath Dredgion (level 56-65)
Engulfed Ophidan Bridge (level 61-65)
Kamar Battlefield (level 61-65)
Iron Wall Warfront (level 61-65)
Idgel Dome (level 61-65)

How the rank is calculated?

Is automatic calculated by players Wins, Kills and Score Points

Players won't be able to have duplicated rewards for the same character. If a player it's in 2 Ranks then he will receive only 1 reward and the next player in the battleground rank will be picked to receive the reward.

Duplicated players will receive the reward only for the first Battleground, in the following order: Terath Dredgion / Engulfed Ophidan Bridge / Kamar Battlefield / Iron Wall Warfront / Idgel Dome
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